ENCRYPTBD is an independent platform for people who thinks outside the box, It is a distributed platform for the individuals who experiment, analyze and shows the might to get into a highly secured system. We invite hackers, security professionals, penetration testers and programmers to engage them in contributing towards a greater national ineterst. ENCRYPTBD will work as a vortex for independent cyber security research, knowledge mining and resource sharing. ENCRYPTBD offers a highly automous forum for resource sharing about information security. It is to be mentioned that this platform is not used for any political group or any particular individual.Unrestricted anonimity will be the core fundemental aspect respecting both ours and the researchers perspective.


Research And Development

Do some magic and hack the world !

To do something exceptional you always need to find a perspicacious objective, there are bad guys out there who are developing new malwares, rootkits and worms to get into the system, don't be the bad guy! Work with us, Join our forum to research about new and upcoming cyber threats, attack patterns, new techniques of exploitation, or perhaps proof of concepts of your exploitation. Share your exploits, white paper, bug bounty writeups to develop something extraordinary.


Premium Contribution

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation

Share your knowledge with the community to develop a dominant Bangladeshi cyber space. Join the brotherhood of hackers for a greater national interest. Your altruistic contributions will be highly valued by ENCRYPTBD. Share your zero day exploits, white papers, analytical research or writeups. Win a reward for your contribution in our adeptly curated platform. participate in our contests, Hack to gain motivation and knowledge!

Zero-day Acquisition Program

Up to $13,370.00 or 11,26,999 BDT
For Every Zero-day, Everyday !

Operating Systems

Up to $13,370 (Remote code execution or local privilege escalation)

- Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1
- Apple macOS 10.x
- Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Tails)
- Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Tails)


Up to $13,370 (Remote code execution or local privilege escalation)

- Apple iOS 11.x
- Android 8.x/7.x
- BlackBerry 10
- PrivatOS

Clients / Viewers

Up to $13,370 (Remote code execution, or sandbox bypass/escape, or both)

- MS Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
- Email Clients (Outlook/Thunderbird)
- PDF Readers (Adobe / Foxit)
- Adobe Flash Player

Web Servers

Up to $7,331 (Remote code execution or sensitive information disclosure)

- Apache HTTP Server
- Microsoft IIS 10/8.x/7.x
- nginx web server
- OpenSSL / mod_ssl / PHP

Web Applications

Up to $7,331 (Remote code execution, or SQL injection, or information disclosure)

- WordPress / Joomla / Drupal
- phpBB / vBulletin / MyBB
- IPS Suite / IP.Board
- Roundcube / Horde

Bypass / Techniques

Up to $1,337 (Any other innovative research or techniques related )

- Mitigations Bypass
- Tor De-anonymization
- AntiVirus RCE/LPE
- Routers Pre-Auth RCE

How We Process Your CONTRIBUTION !

  • Step #1


    Submit research articles, zero day exploits, database dumps at your convinience. Share your knowledge with the community.

  • Step #2


    Your submission will be analyzed by experienced individuals to understand it's fundementak significance.

  • Step #3


    you contribution will be further utilized to strengthen national security in order to develop and maintain a impartial cyber space.

  • Step #4


    Get rewarded for your contributions, your research articles and exploits will be evaluated based on their magnitude. so you may receive a proper value of your hardwork.


Representing Our Cyber Power In World Wide Web