1. What is ENCRYPTBD ?
Ans: ENCRYPTBD is an independent platform from Bangladesh for creative people, It is a distributed platform for the individuals who experiment, analyze and research in regular basis about Web application security, Network security, Intrusion and more.

2. Who can join ENCRYPTBD ?
Ans: Hackers, security professionals, penetration testers and programmers who are ready to engage them in contributing towards a greater national Interest.

3. How can you contribute?
Ans: Interested individuals may submit research papers, exploits , white papers and more. ENCRYPTBD offers special reward and recognition through it’sreward Program.

4. How a person can be benefited from here financially?
Ans: ENCRYPTBD will asses all contributions and evaluate accordingly. ENCRYPTBD tends to offer hackers and security researches financially for the contributions.

5. What is ENCRYPTBD - Hack The Box ?
Ans: It is a regular CTF and security contest by ENCRYPTBD. Here security related problems will be given, participants will have to solve the problems, and critical thinkers who submit the best solutions will be rewarded.

6. What is ENCRYPTBD - FORUM ?
Ans: One of the unique features of ENCRYPTBD is the forum. The forum is the place for discussion, knowledge and resource sharing. Latest Exploits, Threats, Bug bounty write-ups, defacements , attack patterns and more relevant topics will be discussed here.

Ans: The publication section highlights latest news and blogs from all over the world about latest cyber security agenda's.

8. Is ENCRYPTBD a free platform ?
Ans: As of now It is completely free and open for all, Anyone can join and participate in the platform and in the events.

9. What is ENCRYPTBD - Bug Bounty Program?
Ans: ENCRYPTBD is committed to working with security experts across the globe to stay up to date with the latest security techniques. ENCRYPTBD will recognize hackers who would be able to identify critical vulnerabilities through hall of fame. Check the policy here: https://encryptbd.com/bugbounty.html

10.  What is the motivation of ENCRYPTBD?
Ans: ENCRYPTBD will work as platform to contribute as in the field of information security arena of Bangladesh for greater national request.